Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hurry up and wait . . .

Our current adoption journey status fits nicely with today's title...Hurry up and wait...a phrase that I am reminded of as I think about my nephew, Josh, who began basic training at Fort Knox a few weeks ago. Unless the Army has changed its entire culture in 20 years, he is thinking this quote quite often. Our family experienced some of the same as we wrapped up the initial phases of our paper pregnancy. As reported previously, 7 months worth of copy this, complete that, read this, write that, authenticate those ended in March and now we wait. Still waiting. And more waiting to come.

By the way, Josh, we are soooo proud of you and pray for you often...hang in there buddy.

Now that the wait has begun, it has been interesting to sit down, take a couple of deep breaths and reflect on what the last year has meant for us. What an amazing opportunity and experience this particular walk with Christ has been. God could very easily take care of our/His little girl all by Himself, but thankfully He chose to include little bitty us in His plans. We get the opportunity live out James 1:27...WOW, what a blessing and a privilege, the depth and breadth of which we have only just begun to experience and imagine.

While we have known from the beginning how wonderful and crazy this journey would be, what we may have underestimated is the size of the fire He has stoked in our hearts through this process. There is so much more that we could and should be doing...He is stirring something more in our hearts and we are trying our best to sit still and listen. What it is, when it is, how it is to be...we have no idea...but something is there. Please continue your prayers, as right now that's all we know to do.

Marice and I had the awesome opportunity yesterday to sit with our Pastor and another waiting family from Church and have a conversation about our respective adoption journeys. Somehow, they are going to edit out the words muffled by choking back tears and the occasional sarcasm and wit (brought on by our Pastor of course...not me) and whittle nearly two hours of amazing testimony down to a 4 minute video to be shared at Church on Orphan Sunday (11/8). Should be exciting...I simply pray that we (I) didn't get in the way of what God wants to say !

With that, we'll sign off for now. We love you all and thank you for your prayers...they are felt.