Saturday, May 16, 2009

Divin' more ways than one

Blog updates have taken somewhat of a backseat for the past month or so...what with Spring Break, two very exciting concert experiences and the beginning of 7-year old Summer baseball. We had a great Spring Break week of wild fun and some relaxation in Gulf Shores...a bit unseasonably chilly, but a cool day at the beach is better than a...well, you know. Trevor and his very courageous, dedicated father braved the low 70's-some-odd degree Gulf waters and went wading chest deep to "swim" in the waves. Yeah, that was a whole bunch of fun. :) "So sink or swim we're divin' in." Brandon had a big time on his first trip to the beach, where he played in what he called the "snow" (sand) all day and the pool all night. And, oh yeah, he got out of the habit of enjoying sleeping in his own bed. On a brighter note, though, his and Marcie's seashell hunting was a big hit and his vase full of shells stands in our living room as a proud reminder of this accomplishment. Thanks for a great week Nana and Papa!

A few weeks later we had the awesome privilege of seeing Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith (the United Tour) at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. What an amazing night of entertainment and worship with these guys...and Mary Beth sat down right across the aisle from us! And since we enjoyed that night so much...and because sometimes our great God has a wonderful sense of humor...we saw the same concert two nights later in Paducah. Nashville was special, being their current hometown and all, but Paducah showed some serious love for their "original hometown boy". Now THAT was an amazing night of worship...celebration...tears...awesome. We were blessed to have Trevor and Karla share this one with us...and Steven even acknowledged Trevor and his homemade sign. But the most fun/special time at the Paducah show was the opportunity to volunteer with the wonderful folks from Show Hope, Steven & Mary Beth's orphan care/adoption foundation. Trevor went early and stayed waaaaay past his bedtime to help us (sorry Mrs. Carner). As you can see by the picture, he was pretty worn out. The week was far more special than any words we could come up with to describe it. We will simply say thanks to the One and the other ones who provided the opportunity for us. With all that has transpired in our lives the past year or so, we can definitely say this week that we have never felt more secure and faithful in our decision to follow God's will and begin the process of uniting with our own little Cinderella. Closer every day baby girl...we love you and we will see you soon. God Bless!

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