Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today was a good day, mostly ...

So I had a thought this morning on the way to work.  A little over 13 months ago, my daughter was given away...and it occurred to me that, God willing, that will happen again one day.  Only the next time it will be under very different circumstances...she will have a ring on a certain finger, she will have a heart full of love and excitement and her daddy will be doing the "giving away".  And, oh yeah, there will be this nervous little punk remembering the first time he met me as I was sitting in my underwear on the couch cleaning a shotgun reminding him of her curfew.  :)  And then my phone rang.  Marcie excitedly yells (as only she can) "HAVE YOU CHECKED YOUR EMAILS YET?!"  Just got here babe...doing it now.  And there they were...three new pictures of the most precious, darling, gorgeous, sweetest little nugget of a princess I have ever seen staring back at me.  Standing with the help of a nameless, faceless caretaker's hand on her arm, there she was, black hair spiked on top, tongue stuck out to the side and happy, full of life eyes that were unmistakably proclaiming "come get me Daddy".  What a gift.  I often think about how blessed I am in this world...far beyond what I ever family...the most wonderful, beautifully animated and vocal daughter of the King (now hobbling due to a "trip" down the stairs while on the phone with me - hence the "mostly" in today's title)...little, yet full-grown, 20 weeks of bed rest Trevor...2 years of trying for the man with a plan Brandon...and now Maggie, an orphan practically since birth.  God could have very easily cared for each one of these people all by himself...given them lives beyond their hopes and dreams...but he chose little ol' me to play a part in their world.  What an amazing gift...transcending all rational thought that I ever had about blessings in my life.  I pray every day that I will use these gifts and treat these gifts to the Glory of our Father...and waste not what is only on loan from Him for a breath of time.  And I will close with my all-too-familiar tag...we're coming baby girl...we're coming.

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