Saturday, November 15, 2008

Early Christmas Presents.....

It started like most other weekends....or not. Trevor had a little friend sleepover, and after they finally passed out around &$#@ o'clock (in case his parents see this), little T decided around 3 a.m. he wasn't sure about sleeping downstairs anymore. So daddy went back downstairs with him, crawled in the most awesome, rockin' fort you ever saw, and slept in five minute intervals until both boys awoke around 6. Then we worked our way through sharing computer time, games, including/excluding Brandon with playtime, etc. After the visit ended, we went to Hoopers and chased T & B around the crowded store for 30 minutes and decided it was "quiet time" back home. "Get the mail" Marcie hollered as we pulled up to the I opened the mailbox and heard the song "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..." in my head. :) Lo and behold...some early Christmas presents!!! What a wonderful surprise and perfect way to start the afternoon nap period. Thanks rock...which in my new tech savvy, thumb-texting way, I learned is \m/ >.< \m/ If you don't follow, let me know and I can explain a little slower. Love to all...and a special hug to our special little angel. The only consolation to not being at one of the concerts was being able to pray for those that were. God Bless!


Tash said...

You'll have to splain slowly to me! I didn't get it and Chad didn't either. So either way ahead and up on it or really nerdy!! hee hee!

Awesome blogs and pages - I'm so impressed!! I look forward to watching what God does through all of this and how He will touch others through watching you and your family grow, not only in number but in your faith walk. Go God!!

Check out Mandy's site - think she posted pics of her tummy! I haven't gotten used to the idea of being Granny Tash and a new aunt - but I will! God has a crazy sense of humor - huh???

Love, hugs and kisses to all!!

Tash said...

Pics are not on website - they are on her facebook - sorry - way too much technology for me!