Saturday, November 15, 2008

The gifts keep coming....

First the United Tour and Cinderella homemade soup! That really is almost too much to comprehend in one day. It really must be getting close to Christmas :) . I'm not sure this can be topped very easily, but today has been another day full of God's blessings...and there's even a little bit of it leftover in the fridge. Sorry you had to miss dinner KeeKee and CaCa (snicker under my breath), but a little birdie told me you all would partake tomorrow night...I'll try my best not to rearrange my schedule so I can be there (snicker under my breath again).

Trevor decided sleeping in a fort is pretty cool...especially forts constructed by at this late hour he is watching Power Rangers from deep inside his secret hideout. I better go and get him settled down for the night so he won't be grouchy tomorrow...big day since he gets to go celebrate cousin Trey's birthday. May God richly Bless each of you!