Monday, January 10, 2011


Well, maybe not total clarity, but today brought a few unexpected blessings (yes, in addition to our Gotcha moment) that brought some clarity regarding our daughter’s first 16 months of life.

1) The orphanage was practically new (since October) so we were pleased to know she had been in a   clean, loving, beautiful environment for at least a little while.

2) We were allowed to go in her room, which she shared with another one and a half year old and two slightly older toddlers (2 cribs, 2 beds)

3) We met the nanny that has cared for her since she came to the orphanage

4) While completing paperwork, a stranger (Chinese lady…see picture) burst through the door with all smiles and a few tears streaming. Turns out our precious Maggie has been in a foster home for 12 of her 16 months and this was her foster mother coming to say goodbye to her precious Xiaoli.

5) Teresa hugged and loved on all three of us as if we were all her children (she whispered to me during our goodbye hug that she could tell we would be good parents to her).

6) Did you catch in #5 that the woman that has cared for our precious Maggie for 12 of her 16 months speaks FLUENT ENGLISH (not broken, I’m talkin’ down home English).

7) In that very plain English that I can’t seem to get over, Teresa asked if she could have our email address to send us baby pictures…in return for a few later on. Umm, sure.

8) Teresa Woo had been with Maggie since the beginning and cared for her through two surgeries (hand-picked the surgeon), visited her in the orphanage and provided for the basic needs of love and nurture we had so desperately prayed for while assuming the worst.

9) Maggie’s cleft palate has already been repaired. Go figure.

10) That’s all…but that’s enough…it’s more than enough…it’s more than we can almost bear.


Ashley Johnson said...


Sara said...

Beautiful!! Very exciting that you got to visit Maggie's actual room and meet Teresa. What a wonderful blessing!

Sara Lang

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you. I have tears streaming down my face. What a GREAT God we serve! You both have been on my mind, so much so that I have dreamed the last two nights that I am in China with you!HA! Congratulations and I am praying for you all.

Heather Woodward

kelly said...

How wonderfully amazing...what a gift...all of it!!!!! Congrats again. I'm going to be glued to your blog for updates!!! LOL Much love to you and your family! Kelly Treesh

Shannon said...

So thankful!!! What a blessing to know she has been so well cared for and loved, to know God's hand has protected her and cared for her until she was in your arms.

Love you!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful moment to share with us. God is so good! HE has taken such special care of sweet Maggie. I am so happy for you! I look forward to being a part of Maggie's life. Love you both, prayers are prayed with out ceasing.

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of the beauty of our Lord and His grace to your sweet baby!
So grateful to have prayed for this moment!
Love you all,

Clay and Tanya said...

Carmen's cleft palate was nonexistent, too! What a huge blessing. Oh, my! What amazing, wonderful news! All of it. You cannot understand the difference foster care makes. Now that I have two from China, I should write a book. You have been blessed beyond what your mind can comprehend!

Anonymous said...

Maggie is beautiful!! What wonderful news to hear your daughter was so loved. Can't wait to follow the rest of your journey.
The Estes Family
from the FCC group

Anonymous said...

we are so excited for you guys. It is an amazing journey!

Bless Teresa for what she has given your daughter.


Lydia Fusco said...

What a wonderful story and experience. God's blessings are so abundant...

Kelli said...

what a treasure! Meeting her Foster mom, getting her email address...ALL of it! How fortunate!