Thursday, January 13, 2011

Paperwork complete…waiting on Passport

That’s it…all of our Beijing paperwork is complete and we are simply waiting for Maggie’s passport to be picked up (next Wednesday…grumble grumble) so we can leave for Guangzhou.  Three different offices this morning…back to Civil Affairs for the completed Adoption Registration (which means she’s officially our very own little Communist), then off to the Beijing Public Notary Office for the notarization of her adoption certificate, her birth certificate and her abandonment certificate and we finished the day at a huge police station to apply for and take the photo for her passport.  A quick story about the Notary Office:  so we start paperwork 2 ½ years ago, get the go ahead on 9/27/10, leave on 1/7/11, fly 4 gazillion miles and cross 42 time zones, get in a van and drive through the traffic we have only begun to understand on US news stations, walk into a huge building filled with 400,000 people, sit down in a conference room with another obviously western hemisphere family…the Danglers…from…wait for it…wait for it….Kentucky.  Of course they are.  He works for UPS and they are completing the adoption of their second daughter from China, a five-year old beautiful little girl that speaks very fast and very fluent Chinese.  Their interpreter told us what she way saying about wanting to play with Maggie.  So sweet.  It was really neat to watch mother and daughter communicate about coloring Mickey Mouse and chewing gum.  It was even sweeter, no offense to the Danglers, to turn and see Marcie and Maggie giving each other lots of sugars.  We are experiencing God’s hand on many fronts over here, and each occasion is more special than the last.  Good night to you all…we’re going out for lunch (seems like all you people do is sleep).

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Mariea said...

Kevin, I love reading your blog... So much fun!! We are praying for you always... See you SOON :)


P.S. Tell Marcie I am still so excited!!