Monday, January 24, 2011

Kevin & Marcie go a little crazy

No, not the kind of crazy some of you might be thinking (see picture ). It’s the kind of crazy that is the product of either 2.5 days’ worth of traveler’s illness (just me), cabin fever, the realization of 16 days in a foreign land with 5 more to go (thinking of two little boys), the sudden awareness of and longing for the comforts of home (including family & friends), or maybe it is some combination of all the aforementioned elements. Whatever it is, we just had one of the funnier moments of our trip. Marcie: “If you keep feeling better, I bet you could have some steamed rice.” Me: “The only even remotely Chinese food I will be having in the near future is going to come from Jackson St or Hinkleville Rd…and it’s going to be next week!” Marcie (laughing): “Well, I just hope you get to feeling better soon.” Me: “Yeah yeah, you just want me to get better because you’re tired of eating 7-11 snacks for lunch and supper.” Marcie (laughing harder): “I wonder if McDonald’s would deliver a couple orders of fries?” (btw – McDonald’s & KFC deliver in China). Me: “If they do we’ve got the rest of our time eating here covered.”

In a matter of about 12 hours, we have gone from full-fledged, experienced, and integrated into the Chinese culture world travelers to sitting in the room all day and making out a schedule for Maggie’s feeding on the flight home in 5 days (she passed the Benadryl test today ). Think we are ready to come home? Marcie is even getting her proverbial ducks in a row for the packing that hopefully will commence soon.

Today was a day off from appointments, paperwork and sightseeing, hence the invigorating topics presented in today’s post. Sorry…will try to liven it up in the future.

All that said, we are still loving our time here (mostly). But we are, nonetheless, painfully longing to give lots of hugs and kisses to two particular little boys. God has this journey covered from start to finish and from top to bottom…and we feel His presence still. Thank you for your continued prayers and love…can’t wait to see you all!

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China Dreams said...

It does get old fast. Then, believe it or not, about a month after you get home you miss it. Or maybe it's the five star hotel and not actually China?

Hope you feel better soon,