Sunday, January 9, 2011


And here we sit, 1:05PM in Minneapolis, 12 degrees outside, waiting for our flight to Seattle and then on to China, where a little girl who has no idea her world is about to be rocked…much like she has rocked ours in the last two and a half years.  And we long to see and hold our boys, even though it’s been a mere six hours.  The goodbye was bittersweet, tight hugs on both ends were delivered and received, tears were shed.  And again, God was there.  Now, we focus on the task at hand…bringing what until September 2010 had been at best a thought…an idea of something wonderful to come.  She is real now.  And in some # of hours (too difficult to calculate sitting in MN)…China’s Monday morning (1/10) will be more real than it has ever been.  God, we turn to You to prepare our hearts and hers for what is to come in the next few days.  And we thank You for what has transpired to now.  We hope to post more later, but after the upcoming flight I will make no immediate and definite promises.  Thank you to family and friends that have responded to the call (silent and otherwise)…this could not be happening without you and we are overjoyed to have you share in this blessing.  And your prayers have been and will continue to be felt and appreciated.  From the bottom of our hearts….

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