Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random Ramblings

I was catching up on the Paducah Sun early this morning as Marcie and Maggie continued to sleep…precious sleep…oh such precious sleep. Anyway, I noticed Defense Secretary Robert Gates was in town (Beijing, that is) Tuesday for meetings with his Chinese counterparts. Funny, we never saw him. I wonder if he knows we’re here? Hmm, anyway, maybe we’ll see him when we venture out today…gonna maybe walk two blocks without Mary…we’ll see.

Quick update…Little Miss Maggie just woke up (8:50 AM Wed here) after a 12 hour, 20 minute sleep…attta girl! Breakfast buffet awaits…

We had a chance to Skype with our boys before they went to bed. Our longing to see and hold them is beyond words and knows no bounds…odd, I think I said that same thing a week ago about a certain little monkey. Please continue to pray for those two little troopers back home in the states…the littlest one is not feeling well and I don’t need to tell anyone where sick little boys need to be. But we rest easy knowing they are being well cared for, well loved by four of the most amazing grandparents ever to walk the face of the earth. Feel better soon buddy. Sleep well Trevor…and remember…God’s got this too.

Quick note on another first today. Maggie leaned forward after her snack (quasi lunch) before nap and smacked a big ol’ smooch on Mommy’s cheek (see picture above). Needless to say, this made somebody very happy.


Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest picture! Praying that Brandon feels better soon!

Shelbye and Lyndse

Clay and Tanya said...

That is one SERIOUSLY sweet picture! LOVE IT!

Carmen did not know how to do that, but Wren did. It's a whole bunch of little things that I note are different between orphanage and foster care. They all add up to big things, though!

Chelsea said...

That is the most precious picture!
My mom and I are enjoying reading about the great journey that you and Marcie are on. We are praying for you all!
God is awesome!! I can't wait to meet my newest little cousin!
I hope Brandon feels better soon!

Sara said...

Kevin - you need to publish a book when you get home! Your ramblings are a joy to read! I know that little girl is getting plenty of her own smooches!