Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mini meltdown…

We had our first glimpse of a more traditional “getting to know you period” this evening, or at least what we have heard to be the norm for many of the post gotcha day episodes from friends that have blazed the trail before us. And it was NOTHING compared to some of the stories we’ve heard…or even comparable to some of what we ourselves have experienced at 4811 Stanley Drive (love you boys !). It could have been hunger (except she just ate), it could have been weariness (except she was on schedule post nap), it could have been boundary testing and losing (likely scenario), it could have been daddy taking the nose cleaning job to keep mommy from having to be the bad guy…um, gal (bonding suggestion from folks smarter than us) or it could have been the slow realization that TaoTao was not coming back (Maggie’s nanny at the orphanage from the day she got there to the day she left) and neither was Teresa (possible…who wouldn’t miss these two wonderful human beings?). Or it could have just been a 16 month old’s way of saying I’ve had it, I’m done and I’m going to bed. Or wait, is that what Marcie said? I don’t know. I’m not sure what day it is, what time it is, whether to add 14 hours or subtract 14 hours, or how many ml are in an oz. Come on, the metric system was a phase…grow out of it! Anyway, all is quiet now as both princess and queen are sound asleep. Truth be told, I was a bit relieved to see some of that type of emotion from Maggie…there can actually be as much wrong with too much contentment as there can be with too much melting down (hmmm, I could learn a lot about myself from that statement…thanks God…appreciate the quick glimpse in the mirror ). A happy medium is where our first two children landed…maybe this is a first sign that our third child will land there too. Time will tell. For now, she still reaches for both of us, she still laughs with both of us, she still gets pretty frustrated with both of us…so it sounds like we’re doing it right so far.

Desperate to be home for two reasons (one 8 the other 3), but breathing in every stinkin’ (see supermarket post) moment of this journey. I am humbled that God would choose my family to walk this journey…the reality is He could have cared for her all by Himself or by some other means far more luxurious than anything we have to offer…but He chose to send my family halfway around the world to bless a little Asian orphan with a family. And I am forever changed that He would do so. Blessings to all!


Anonymous said...

Marcie and Kevin:

She is just precious!! We can hardly wait to get our hands on her. Our prayers are with you all! Brandon was precious yesterday morning, he was so excited to tell me he had seen Maggie!! Trevor was also leaning out the car grinning from ear to ear!.

Love you guys!


Clay and Tanya said...

Love it! All of it! I love the joys and the struggles, because it's all so....so....I don't even know.....life. What an amazing thing God has called you to do!

Rita Morgan said...

I have laughed and cried so many times as I read your words. Thanks for sharing these priceless times with your precious Maggie! Blessings from home.