Friday, January 21, 2011

An Emperor’s Burial Site & a Park

Today was a full-fledged tourist day. First, we visited the burial site (tomb) of the former emperor from way back when what is now Guangdong province was separate from the dynasties controlling Northern China (yeah, we forgot his name but it’s on video…give us a break…there were LOTS of steps and Maggie was a very busy little bee in her new squeaky shoes). Pretty neat tour…the emperor even allowed a few of his concubines to be buried in the tomb…his two favorite being Lady of the East and Lady of the West (named for which side of him they were laid to rest).

The night before our tourist day I got excited when Connie proclaimed “I’ll pick you up in the lobby at lunch and we will go to Moo Shoo Pork.” Imagine my dismay as I realized she actually said Yue Xiu (pronounced You Shoe) Park…and we embarked on a 90 minute walk around a large, beautiful park in the middle of a bustling city (think Central park on a much smaller scale). It had a considerable lake intertwined with the walkways and scenic overlooks, and all I could think was “man, the boys and I could tear this place up with a spinner bait!” Connie told us the stroller would be fine and then proceeded to make us walk up 12 flights of steps (with a short landing between each one) to take our pictures with the five goats…another story for the video camera to tell. Overall the park was a lot of fun…and we were blessed to spend our day with a beautiful family from North Carolina (NOT Tar Heel fans…whew).

Marcie and I were determined to step out of our box for dinner tonight and went to two different authentic Chinese restaurants that we heard had picture menus. After nearly losing our appetites and what little lunch we still had in our bellies, we proceeded back to Lucy’s for basil spaghetti with garlic toast (M) and sweet and sour pork with steamed rice (K)…we suck (insert clucking sound here). Tomorrow is medical exam and Visa photo day…so please pray for very few or even no shots (not likely).

OH YEAH….PS…we met Jordan tonight! He is one of the shop owners that many friends and blog posts have told us about (he’s a Christian). This guy starts waving us down in the middle of the street and we start to quickly move away thinking we’re about to be accosted. “I’m Jordan, this is my shop (pointing behind him).” He wants to give us a free gift and make an engraving for us to pick up whenever we come back by. He was genuinely disappointed that he went home early the night before when we first visited. Neat guy…he yelled “God Bless You” as we walked away…refreshing to hear and even more fun to say back.


Anonymous said...

Did I read that right? Squeaky shoes! Really Marcie, Squeaky shoes. This from the person who said "I would find a way to take those out". Now that is funny! Miss you!!


Mike and Kathy Perry said...

If you DO get tired of the squeaks, they can easily be removed from the side of the soles (I speak from experience). We met Jordon when we were there! We gave him almost ALL of our business. He DID indeed have the finest little girls' Chinese dresses!

Clay and Tanya said...

YAY! I love Jordan! He's a breath of fresh air, isn't he? Did you notice that he has a Bible on his desk with all kinds of bookmarks?