Saturday, January 22, 2011

Visa Photo, a Medical Exam and a Paperwork Party

The newest little Peck was a real trooper today (Saturday). It started with a quick photo session for the Visa photo…for which Maggie graciously stuck her tongue out to the side as she so often likes to do. Then sitting and waiting in the medical clinic and running through three stations where they check height/weight, general medical condition and ear/nose/throat…and barely a whimper out of her. Actually, the only time she wasn’t happy was when the tongue depressor was shoved in her mouth…and even that only lasted about 5 seconds. We knew she was a blessing, but she just continues to impress us at every turn. It didn’t hurt that shots or even a TB test were not necessary since she’s under two. We simply had to sign an affidavit stating we would take care of any necessary immunizations within 30 days of arriving home. So, another two items checked off the to-do list.

We had four other Madison (our placement agency) families with us today, and Connie asked everyone to meet back at the hotel to go over the “the very important Visa appointment paperwork”. Marcie and Maggie headed up to the room for Maggie’s naptime, while I stayed downstairs with my big ol’ briefcase full of every single piece of documentation they ever sent, we ever signed or somebody ever said we might need. The other four families were there in full force…kids and all (mostly older children). Connie then says “would the parent who knows most about the paperwork please come sit at this table with me.” So at this point, the four wives from the other families and I stand up to go to Connie’s table. Yeah, me and the girls gonna take care of some business. A couple of the other husbands got a real kick out of this and started snapping photos left and right. I chose not to capture the moment anywhere but in my mind . Besides, Marcie had two rough pregnancies…this one was all (well, paperwork wise) mine.

Love to all…and let the countdown to homebound begin!

PS: Finally ran into another UK fan over here on the other side of the world. One of the other Madison families is from Lexington, and, like me, the husband was decked out in full BBN attire.

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