Thursday, January 27, 2011

Starting to Count the Hours

It all started 19 days ago. Wow, it seems like a lifetime but of course now seems to have flown by. We have made the official switch to counting down the hours (it’s Thursday morning here and we leave on Friday afternoon for Hong Kong). I’m still working on the overall hours (the whole go back in time thing is really confusing) ‘til that oh so precious moment of a reunion with two little boys that brings tears welling up in my eyes just typing the words. Boys, like I used to tell Maggie for the past few months…hold fast…Mommy and Daddy are coming (but it’s not like you’re miserable or anything having spent the last three weeks in two environments akin to Disney…hope you still want to live with us -ha). Missing the two of you unlike anything we have ever missed before in our lives…and we are soooooo proud of the little men you have proven yourselves to be during this time away. Mommy and Daddy love you very much and can’t wait to hold you tightly in our arms! OK…need to change the subject or blogging stops here. Anyway, some last minute shopping today, and I am going to venture out for a little while with the girls for some video and pictures.

It felt near 70 degrees so we decided not to put Maggie’s fuzzy pj’s or coat on for our little venture…and boy did we garner some nasty looks and presumably nasty comments from the Chinese grannies around the island. Even a few younger shop owners chimed in with their own lecturing “ohhhh summer baby”. Geez, come on people, it’s 70 degrees, she’s got long sleeves and long pants, she’s happy (see the smile), get over it. I might have put my video camera directly in the face of a few of them…they scatter a bit more quickly then…ha!

Leaving Guangzhou in 16 hours 45 minutes (9 PM Thursday here). Can’t lie. Really looking forward to it.


China Dreams said...

Hope the flight goes well. I'm sure you can't wait to see the boys and be, literally, grounded again.


kelly said...

You will soon be back on US Soil! God Bless you all. Savor your last few moments in China!! Kelly Treesh